Augusta Data Storage Releases 2016 Environmental Report

2016 was another busy year at Augusta Data Storage. Our secure shredding  and record storage segments  have continued to grow and we are excited to have our first full year in e-solutions under our belt. This coming year is full of many exciting events.   As our parent company, Ellefson Transportation Group celebrates 50 years, Augusta Data Storage will also have many things to celebrate, in their own right. 2017 will mark 25 years of providing quality records management services to the CSRA and the end of this year promises to bring the opening of our new 26,000 sq.ft. facility! We are excited for all that is in store and  fortunate enough to be coming off of another record year at Ellefson Transportation Group. You can read more about our 2016 success in our annual ETG by the Numbers report, which was featured on the ADSI Moving Systems blog recently.

In addition to some of the numbers we pulled together for that, we had a chance to review our “environmental report” from our shred operation, which details our environmental savings based on the amount of paper we shredded and recycled in 2016. These statistics represent the savings from recycling paper products, versus the use of raw materials for the production of new “virgin” paper products. In 2016 alone, we shredded over 649,921 pounds  of paper which amassed a sizeable “environmental savings” in a variety of categories. Check out the data from our annual environmental report for yourself!