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The Importance of Managing Your Business E-Waste

In today’s high-tech business environment it is not uncommon for employers to provide their employees smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices to help them stay connected in and out of the office.


Many companies have processes and requirements in place to ensure these devices are secure as employees are using them to send, receive, and manage private information. These security measures may include things like password specifications, two-step authentication processes, employee education and updates on common security threats and scams, and more.


But, security shouldn’t stop with active devices. When employees leave or devices are upgraded for newer models, what steps are you taking to protect those devices?


For many businesses, protecting old devices means collecting them, “clearing” the hard drive, resetting the device and locking it up in a closet to restrict access. Sometimes these devices are used as backups, sometimes they are traded in or recycled at electronics suppliers and more often than not, they sit in a locked closet collecting dust because people aren’t sure what to do with them.


While deleting the contents of your devices can help keep some information secure, some experienced hackers know how to recover information, even after it’s been deleted. Check out this 2015 study we shared about lingering information on “scrubbed” hard drives. If you’re hoping to maintain maximum security over the information on your electronic devices, the best way to do that is through a secure e-waste destruction partner.



E-waste solutions are designed to reduce or eliminate the security and environmental risks associated with disposal of end-of-life electronics, this includes items like laptops, computer hard drives, tablets and other mobile devices, monitors, computer accessories, and more.





At Augusta Data Storage we offer a NAID – AAA Certified E-waste destruction service. Our hard drive shredder shreds the information storage center of your device and then all the parts and pieces are collected and safely recycled to reduce the impact on the environment.


If your organization has a closet full of outdated electronics OR you are preparing to upgrade your devices and you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your digital information remains secure, contact us today to learn more about our electronic waste destruction services.

Published by Kristin Stokes
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