Storing Your Records Remotely with Augusta Data Storage

For many types of businesses, offsite storage of their vital records is an essential practice. No matter if you have just a few boxes of archives, years of financial records or maybe thousands of patient files, Augusta Data Storage can help store your physical data safely and securely. Here’s a quick look at the steps involved in moving your data in to an offsite storage facility.

Step 1:

Determine what needs to be stored and for how long.

Step 2:

Set a retention schedule. This will allow both you and the storage facility to plan an effective shelf life for your records.

Step 3:

Determine how you want to sort your records. Decide if you want to categorize your records by the box that they are contained in or if you need to be more in depth and categorize the actual files inside the boxes, which is known as file indexing. Either way, your end result will be a concise list of your actual items being placed in to storage.  This is needed by your storage facility so that they may retrieve your boxes and files for you should the need arise.

Step 4:

Finally you will have your boxes labeled and categorized by the records storage facility. At Augusta Data Storage we use a barcode tracking and file indexing system provided by O’Neil, the leader in logistics software systems. With a uniform tracking and indexing system, your records will remain safe, secure, and trackable for audit purposes such as cost allocation per department and retrieval history.

Step 5:

Your records facility will then either arrange a time to pick up your records for storage or you will bring your records to the facility yourself. Once your records are received in to the storage facility and inventoried, they will remain in a safe, secure location.

In search of secure storage for Computer media and microfilm and other sensitive items? Our climate-controlled media vault  protects items from both heat and humidity. Whether you’re in search of storage for a small batch of records or looking for a solution to meet the record storage needs of your growing organization, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit.

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