What is Certified Secure Shredding?


Are you looking for the most secure way to handle documents containing sensitive information? Certified Secure Shredding may be your answer. This powerful yet practical solution involves shredding any documents that contain private or confidential data. Shredding is essential for protecting yourself and your customers against potential identity theft, fraud, loss of trade secrets and other misuses of personal information. Plus, it’s convenient and environmentally-friendly.

This process is essential for businesses, government agencies, and individuals who handle classified information. A secure shredding company follows strict guidelines and regulations to ensure that all documents are destroyed beyond recognition, making it impossible for anyone to retrieve or use the information.

This process not only protects organizations from legal and financial consequences but also safeguards their reputation and prevents data breaches that could result in catastrophic effects. Choosing a certified secure shredding provider can give you peace of mind knowing that your confidential information is in good hands.

NAID certification

NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certification is a highly regarded certification in the world of information destruction services. NAID acts as a consumer protection organization that audits data destruction service providers and conducts research to improve the process and standards for information destruction. To obtain this certification, companies must meet standards that ensure they can effectively destroy sensitive documents and digital media.

In information management, A NAID certification proves that companies take the protection of sensitive information seriously. That is why Augusta Data Storage has maintained its strict compliance with the NAID-AAA certification program. When you are trusting your most important information to a service provider, you need to ensure that the company holds itself to the highest standards. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy company for your information destruction needs, give us a call. 

What are the NAID requirements?

To maintain NAID certification, a company must meet a rigorous list of requirements:

  • Conduct background investigations and criminal record searches for every hire.
  • Require employees to sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Require all drivers to meet licensing requirements.
  • Have hiring and drug screening for employees.
  • Maintain GPS tracking for all vehicles to manage fleet route details.
  • Maintain written policies and procedures.
  • Require uniforms and ID badges for employees.
  • Transport customer materials properly.
  • Require all vehicles to have lockable cabs and cargo areas.
  • Maintain a shredder that meets certain specifications.

Choosing a data destruction service that is NAID certified fulfills your legal responsibility with all data protection regulations so you have “proof” that you demonstrated efforts to ensure record management in the event of a lawsuit.

What are the benefits of working with a secure shredding partner?

Working with a secure shredding partner offers a host of benefits that go beyond simply shredding documents. Along with providing a safe and secure way to dispose of sensitive information, may of these certified shredding partners often offer additional services such as document storage and onsite document destruction

This means that you have access to a comprehensive range of solutions that can help you better manage your information and protect your business. What’s more, a reliable shredding partner can help you stay compliant with industry regulations and even offer a certificate of destruction. With a trusted partner by your side, you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

What types of organizations should be using a secure shredding partner?

In today’s world, businesses of all shapes and sizes are expected to prioritize the safety and security of their clients’ data like never before. But for certain sectors- protecting sensitive information isn’t just a good idea, it’s a requirement.


Healthcare organizations must prioritize the security and safety of their patients’ data. It is essential for them to use a secure shredding process as it helps protect confidential information, patient records, and other sensitive documents. Laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) require mandatory retention laws that require medical records to be kept for a period of time and then securely shredded to prevent disclosure or a data breach.

Government Organizations

Government organizations handle a lot of sensitive information, including confidential records and documents related to national security. As such, it is essential for them to have a secure shredding process in place that meets the highest standards for data protection. It also is necessary in order to avoid security breaches and identity theft and ensure data security and compliance.

Legal Firms

Legal firms are responsible for financial and legal documents, client data, and sensitive records. It is vital that they use secure shredding to protect this information from unauthorized access. To make sure that client information is secure and to avoid the risks of fines or violations, working with a secure shredding service is the best way to keep private documents from getting into the wrong hands.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions work with documents that contain important personal information regarding their clients such as account numbers, social security numbers, or addresses. If not destroyed properly, identity theft or fraud is a possibility. Secure shredding ensures that confidential information cannot be accessed or used by third parties, allowing clients to feel safe knowing their private data and information is in good hands.

Finding the Right Secure Shredding Partner for Your Business

Partnering with a data destruction company is an essential step towards maintaining compliance with government regulations and industry standards. Whether it’s medical records, legal documents, or financial statements, investing in a shredding partner you can trust is a smart move for any business that handles confidential information. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your clients’ data; safeguard your reputation and your bottom line by using a secure shredding process. Contact us today to learn more about our on and off-site secure shredding options.