Digital Scanning for the Healthcare Industries

Today, healthcare is one of the largest and most dominant industries for the American economy. In an effort to supply accurate results to patients and family members, it’s crucial that hospitals here in Augusta, are staying at the forefront of technology, making updates and changes as needed. Document scanning, electronic record keeping and data protection techniques are becoming a dynamic component of the healthcare industry today.

digital scanning

The Significance Behind Electronic Record Keeping

Detailed and accurate record keeping has always been an important factor in professional medicine. Failing to record and maintain accurate medical records means that there is no security in trusting that hospitals will supply effective treatment to their patients. Medical files and charts reveal all the details needed for the progress and well-being of patients therefore there is no room for error as accuracy must be perfect.

Hand-typed medical files leave information at significant risk to getting lost, stolen, or simply seen by an unauthorized individual. Of course these records can be stored away securely in locked filing cabinets/desks, but in doing so, you could encounter some issues with organization and retrieval. If a particular patient’s record is misplaced, the doctor will have no way of detecting what the patient is experiencing unless information has been shared electronically through document scanning.

Document scanning solutions offer a high level of flexibility and convenience. Records are stored electronically meaning retrieval can be done immediately, and patient files remain protected at all times. With secure document scanning solutions offered by Augusta Data Storage, you will gain peace of mind in knowing that your patient files will be safe becoming lost or stolen.  Should you need to share health records with an outside doctor, electronic storage through digital scanning makes it extremely simple; access is available at any time whenever it’s needed.

Transitioning to Electronic Record Keeping

Although the benefits of electronic file keeping are quite obvious, medical facilities throughout Augusta and across the United States, continue to deal with a backlog of old records that exist only in hard copy, paper form. Some medical offices continue to deal with documents on a daily routine, as they may require them for patient history purposes and/or patient payment contracts.

The easiest and most effective way to manage these records is through professional scanning solutions.  At Augusta Data Storage, we have the experience and advanced equipment to efficiently turn your documents into secure, electronic records. Save considerable time, and know that your medical office is storing patient information correctly and in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Document scanning services provided by Augusta Data Storage in Augusta, are offered at a cost-effective price, and will benefit your Healthcare facility tremendously. Instead of spending endless hours transitioning to electronic record keeping internally at your office, consider outsourcing this task to really streamline the process. In turn this allows you to focus attention and time on your company and important business duties.

Contact Augusta Data Storage for a free consultation regarding our document imaging and digital scanning services. Your medical office will benefit tremendously from our secure  document scanning and image file delivery protocols. We tailor our solutions specifically to satisfy your company’s unique requirements and budget. Call 1-888-299-0186