How to Ensure Records Safety During an Office Move


For an existing business, an office move can be equal parts exciting and stressful, and safely relocating secure records and information only adds to the list of moving day stressors. The risk of a data breach isn’t exclusive to digital records and in today’s connected society, if the information ends up in the wrong hands it could cost your company millions, according to a recent article from Technology Magazine.

To ensure the safety of records during an office move, it is important to know the potential risk factors and then create a comprehensive plan for packing and transporting records securely. For over 30 years, our team at Augusta Data Storage has been a trusted partner in records management and relocation services, so we’ve rounded up all our top tips to help you ensure your records arrive at your new office, safe and sound.

Preparing Sensitive Records for an Office Move

When preparing for an office move, carefully assess all documents and information that must be relocated. Create a list of all confidential information, such as personal data or financial records, so you can identify which items require extra precautions. It’s best to only keep necessary documents during the move so you can reduce the number of items that must be packed and transported.

Now is a great time to consider secure purge shredding to ensure your records are properly disposed of and you have a certificate of destruction for your compliance records.

Know your risk factors

As you prepare to relocate your records, you’ll want to be familiar with the key risk factors for information breaches. Consider the potential threats and identify any security vulnerabilities at your current office space.

Here are some questions to consider as your make your moving plan:

Are you working with a third-party moving company to transport the records?

If so, make sure they have experience in handling confidential documents and data.

Will the records be stored in a secure facility while your new office is being constructed?

You’ll want to review their security protocols, such as camera surveillance and restricted access.

How will you prevent unauthorized access to your records during transport and relocation?

Come up with a plan to ensure each box or container is properly labeled and tracked throughout the move. You’ll want to maintain a tight chain of custody throughout the process, identifying all parties who will have access to the information.

How will you mitigate misplaced or files that get scrambled or damaged during relocation?

Create a backup system, if possible, and make sure to store the information in multiple secure locations. Additionally, having the right supplies on hand can make a huge difference and having a plan to maintain and efficiently re-establish your filing system at your new office can help limit the amount of records that are misfiled after your move.

Pro Tip: Be sure to review your records management plan with your employees, so everyone understands their role in the move and how to protect confidential data during transit.

Ahead of your office move, take these steps to protect your records and prepare them for relocation

Make an Inventory: Create a comprehensive list of all the materials that must be relocated and update it as you move through each packing step.

Purge unneeded records: Shredding is the best way to dispose of your records and keep them out of the wrong hands. Review your internal and industry-specific retention requirements and securely destroy any unneeded or outdated records ahead of your move.

Label Everything: Securely label all storage containers, bins, or boxes that contain records. Many companies choose to use color coding to expedite the process and easily identify confidential documents.

Pack Strategically: Take extra precautions when packing sensitive documents, such as wrapping them in plastic and storing them securely within a box or bin.

Maintain a Chain of Custody: Make sure to create and maintain a chain of custody log that identifies who has access to the documents at every stage in the move.

Secure Transport: When hiring a moving company, make sure to review their security protocols and ensure your records are transported safely and securely. Additionally, always have someone available to oversee the move throughout the process.

Trust your transport to the records management experts at Augusta Data Storage

At Augusta Data Storage, we understand the importance of protecting your records in times of transition. Our specialized records relocation services are designed to help protect your filing hierarchy, reduce downtime, and mitigate risks to your information throughout the process. From purge shredding and relocation to off-site storage and beyond, our team offers comprehensive records management services for businesses, healthcare providers, and government agencies across the Augusta, GA area.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how our about secure document storage, destruction, and records relocation services can help you simplify your office move. We’ll help you keep your confidential information safe throughout the entire process.