Scan on Demand: An Expedited Option for Retrieval Access


For clients storing records in off-site storage facilities, robust retrieval access options are an important element in the vendor selection process. While storage capabilities and security of your records should be major considerations, knowing how to access your archived records when and where you need them is key to a successful records management program.

At Augusta Data Storage, our team is focused on providing convenience and 24/7 accessibility to all the records we store for our clients. Whether clients opt for pick-up from our location, secure delivery service, or digital delivery, our goal is the same. We want to ensure that our clients are able to gain quick and easy access to their records if they hold the required security credentials to request files.


For clients needing more immediate access to records, OR for our clients who are located outside of the Augusta Metro area, we offer secure scan on demand services as a retrieval option.

While many companies continue the push to digitize information for day-to-day business use, there are still many organizations that require use of archived hardcopy information on a regular basis, specifically in healthcare, legal and financial services industries. We recognize that quick and easy access to those records provides a great value-added service for our clients, alleviating downtime between request and acquisition of information, especially for our clients whose businesses are not located within close proximity of our storage facilities.  

How it works

As customers need information they can make a request for scan on demand retrieval. Requests can be made via phone, email, or RSS Web, our online client portal. Files will be delivered in PDF format and can easily be migrated into clients current electronic database if they are scanning internally.

Once the request is made, our team will locate the file in our storage facility and the information will be scanned and delivered to you via encrypted email.

Who can request access?

 As with our other retrieval access options, only individuals listed by the company on their access e-forms may request delivery of information.

The Benefits

This service is a great option for clients who might have a large volume of cartons in storage but require information from only a single file or a specific part of a file.

In addition to expedited delivery, one of the largest benefits of using our scan on demand service is a savings in price, specifically for those customers located outside of the Augusta metro area.

For clients located in more rural areas, or for out-of-town clients, scan on demand offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of our specialized storage capabilities without compromising on access and also avoiding the high cost associated with long-distance courier services.

Scan on demand services also offer improvements for business workflows. Whether you are looking to add digital files to your electronic database to help with data workflow, or as an alternative to standard hard copy delivery, SOD is a valuable option to assist with your records information management needs.

How to get started

If you are a current records storage client with Augusta Data Storage, our Scan on Demand services are available for use the next time you wish to request a file. Just specify “scan on demand” as your preferred delivery method and we will have your digital files to you in no time! If your office is looking to reduce paper use, or convert to digital management of business information, be sure to reach out to Augusta Data Storage to learn about our scanning and document conversion services.