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It may come as no surprise that data breaches in the US have been on the rise over the past decade. Since 2012, annual reported breaches have surged from a mere 447 to over 1,800 by 2022. As the risk of data breaches and identity theft continues to grow, safeguarding your business’s sensitive information has become more critical than ever before.

If you’re a business wanting to safeguard your data, scheduled shredding services offer a proactive and secure solution to protect your company’s confidential documents. Let’s dive into how a systematic approach to document destruction can minimize the risk of breaches and strengthen your commitment to privacy and compliance.

The Benefits of Secure Shredding Services

There are many benefits to utilizing scheduled shredding services for your business. Besides the obvious advantage of reducing identity theft risk, there are other valuable advantages to consider:

Compliance with Regulations

Depending on your industry, there may be specific regulations and standards that require you to securely destroy certain types of information, like HIPPA, GDPR, and the FTCA. 

Scheduled shredding services can help ensure your organization stays compliant and avoids hefty fines. When you work with a certified and compliant service provider,  you can have peace of mind knowing your documents are being handled with the utmost care and security.


Scheduled shredding services provide a convenient solution to protecting your information. With on-site or off-site options, you can schedule regular pickups of confidential documents and have them securely destroyed without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Cost Savings

Investing in a trustworthy outsourced shredding service might seem like an extra expense, but it actually saves you money in the long run. According to Security Magazine, running an office shredder can cost over $100 per month when you factor in employee wages, benefits, depreciation, and maintenance costs. Plus, professional paper shredding saves valuable employee time and boosts productivity for better revenue generation.

Secure Collection Bins

Scheduled shredding service providers like Augusta Data Storage often provide secure collection bins for your business to store confidential documents in between pickups. These locked bins ensure the safety of sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches and theft.

Environmentally Friendly

Shredded paper can be recycled and reused, making it a more sustainable option compared to disposing of whole documents in landfills. At Augusta Data Storage, all paper pulp is recycled and repurposed by GP Harmon, contributing to a greener planet.

What Does Scheduled Shredding Protect?

A secure shredding service doesn’t just protect your data, it protects your business — and your bottom line.

Your Business

By scheduling a shredding service, you can avoid a tarnished reputation and revenue loss resulting from a breach. Shredding services also safeguard proprietary information, business finances, legal documents, and more.

Your Clients and Customers

As a business, it’s your responsibility to protect the sensitive information of your clients and customers. By properly disposing of documents with personal information, you are maintaining their trust in your brand and protecting them from identity theft.

Your Employees

Employees are also at risk of identity theft, making it essential for businesses to protect their personal information as well. Scheduled shredding services ensure that any sensitive employee documents, such as payroll records or performance evaluations, are securely destroyed.

Your Time

With the help of scheduled shredding services, you can save your employees’ valuable time spent on document destruction and focus on more critical tasks to drive business growth. Plus, with regular pickups, there’s no need to spend time sorting or manually shredding documents.

Your Digital Information

If you need a secure solution for end-of-life electronics, Augusta Data Storage offers secure destruction for your e-waste. Our shred trucks can destroy media such as hard drives, cell phones, tablets, USB drives, and more. By choosing our services, you not only protect your information but also contribute to environmental protection through responsible e-cycling.

How Scheduled Shredding Works

Augusta Data Storage offers tailored shredding services designed to meet your specific needs. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Assessment: We begin by assessing your organization’s shredding requirements to create a customized shredding plan that addresses your unique needs. We offer scheduled shredding services on a pre-set schedule weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly and can place multiple secure collection containers at your office to be emptied at the same time, if needed. For some, annual or semi-annual record purges suffice.
  2. Secure Collection: Our collection team will collect your confidential documents and transport them to our secure facility for shredding. We use locked vehicles equipped with GPS tracking, so you have peace of mind knowing where your sensitive information is at all times. We also offer mobile shredding for on-site destruction,  where you can witness the shredding process yourself.
  3. Shredding Process: Upon arrival at our NAID AAA-certified shredding facility, your documents are weighed and recorded, then sent directly to our state-of-the-art shredder. Our shredders can handle paper, computer hard drives, CDs/DVDs, credit cards, and more.
  4. Certificate of Destruction: After your documents are shredded, we provide a Certificate of Destruction as proof that the process was completed securely and in compliance with all regulations.

At Augusta Data Storage, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your documents throughout the entire shredding process, so you can trust us to handle your shredding needs with professionalism and expertise.

Take the First Step

Don’t wait for a data breach to occur before taking action. Invest in scheduled shredding services today and reap the benefits of secure document destruction. Contact Augusta Data Storage today for more information on how we can help safeguard your business’s sensitive information.