The Benefits of Records Management Services


For over 25 years, Augusta Data Storage has been providing records management services to businesses and healthcare professionals across the CSRA. These are a few of the perks our clients have come to trust and rely on.

Dedicated Warehouse Space

Storing your company’s records in house can take up a large chunk of space, potentially putting confidentiality at risk. Consider the space you’ll recover by storing your documents off-site. No mess, no security breaches, no misplacement. Our facility boasts over 160,000 sq ft of secure storage space with dedicated, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) compliant facilities and a climate-controlled media vault.

Specialized Storage Options

Electronic and other specialized media requires protection from heat and humidity, as well as safekeeping from fire and water damage, theft, or loss. Whether you are storing temperature-sensitive archival items or digital and tape backups of your company’s records and information, our climate-controlled vault offers the same level of security and management as provided for records stored in our warehouse facilities. Augusta Data Storage is equipped to meet all HIPAA and NARA regulatory requirements.


Nothing is more important than your file security. Our media storage solutions are designed to safeguard your records from theft, loss and damage. Augusta Data Storage consists of skilled and experienced personnel who undergo regular training in order to deliver the best service possible. When it comes to accessing, shipping or picking up your electronic records we follow strict security procedures.

  • Off-site, secure storage
  • Scheduled media rotation services
  • 24/7 access and delivery options
  • Emergency response capabilities
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Computerized tracking and retrieval management
  • 24/7 climate control and hazard protection

Disaster Protection

Unforeseen incidents and disasters happen; often with little to no warning. Should your workplace experience a fire, flood, explosion, or even theft, your critical data may be damaged or worse, gone for good. Imagine the impact this loss might have on your company. Implementing backup storage processes for your electronic media is the only solution that guarantees protection over your information.

Our state of the art NARA compliant records storage facility provides the ultimate safe haven for your critical data, featuring the following:

  • Climate Controlled Vault that ensures temperatures remain consistent and free from fluctuation in temperature/humidity.
  • Restricted Access that requires registration upon arrival
  • 24/7 security surveillance and monitored alarm systems
  • Automatic backup power generation ensures continuity of power to essential equipment
  • Advanced fire, smoke, and hazard warning systems.

Access & Retrieval Options

Convenience and ease of access are top priorities for our clients. To better serve the growing needs of our client base, we offer both digital and hard-copy access to the records stored in our facilities. Through our partnership with O’Neil, an industry leader in records management software, our clients have remote, cloud-based access to their records anytime, anywhere. As a part of our Records Management services, Augusta Data Storage offers the following:

  • Online Access
  • Scan-on-Demand
  • File Conversion
  • Computer Indexing
  • Barcode Tracking
  • 24/7 Records Access
  • Inventory Reports
  • 24-hour Delivery & Pickup Service
• Guarantees protection over your information
• Our storage facility provides a safe haven for your critical data
• Designed to safeguard your records from theft, loss and damage
• We offer both digital and hard-copy access to the records stored in our facilities

Wide-range of Supported Formats

No matter what you need to store, Augusta Data Storage offers specialized storage and management solutions for an array of vital media and sensitive healthcare records.

  • Tapes
  • Disks
  • Reels
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • CD-ROMs
  • X-Rays
  • Video / Audio Tapes
  • External Hard Drives
  • Backup Servers
  • Solid State Drives
  • Patient Medical Records
  • Radiology Film
  • MRIs
  • Cine Films
  • EKGs
  • Patient Accounting Files
  • Fetal Monitor Strips
  • Cardiology Records
  • Paraffin Blocks
  • Computer Tapes
  • Glass Slides
  • EEGs
  • In-Patient Records
  • ER Records
  • And more…

Secure Record Destruction

When your records meet the end of their retention lifecycle, or have just become outdated, we’re already prepared to assist you with their disposal. Augusta Data Storage is NAID-AAA Certified for a variety of media destruction services, including hard drives, solid state drives, LTO tapes, cell phones, and more. Our destruction process ensures your items are destroyed under industry guidelines and that destruction is properly documented for your records. Our Secure Record Destruction services include:

  • Media Destruction (Laptops, Cell Phones, etc)
  • Hard Drive Shredding
  • E-cycling
  • Bulk Shredding
  • Product Destruction
  • On-site & Off-site Shredding
  • Certificate of Destruction

Record Retention Scheduling

Record Retention determines how long documents must be retained before their destruction, while retention schedules help ensure businesses are in compliance with state and federal laws. Augusta Data Storage works with their clients to establish a record retention schedule upfront and in one place, limiting the chain of custody while increasing security. 

Retained documents are assigned purge dates, which automatically notify our customers previous to their destruction in case changes must be made. On the date of purging the records are pulled from storage and securely shredded on-site, accompanied by a certificate of destruction. Augusta Data Storage’s client portal provides instant access to inventory checks and retention schedules, allowing you to adjust and monitor your record retention schedule.

Value Added Services

Our full-service approach to information management offers custom solutions for a variety of records management needs, including secure, off-site records storage, secure destruction services, specialized media storage services and more:

  • Records Management
  • Copy Service
  • Daily Courier Service
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Facsimile Delivery
  • Packing & File Conversion
  • Record Relocation
  • Scan on Demand
  • Customized Software
  • Cloud Based Access
  • Retrieval Access
  • Document Delivery and Pickup
  • Retention Scheduling
  • Box & Cartons
  • Flexible Rates
  • Document Imaging
  • Document Conversion
  • OCR
  • Client Portal