The Value of Vault Storage Services


When many businesses talk about backups and steps they are taking to protect their data and information they mention servers and cloud-based systems that automatically record information, backup data regularly and are accessible from anywhere. In the age of instant access, these are great (and valuable!) solutions, one backup is better than none, but if you read our recent article on the idea of layered backup systems, there are a variety of factors at play when it comes to ensuring your information is properly archived.

For many organizations, the cost of data-loss would be monumental. Imagine if you lost access to all the files, records, and information you used to operate your business daily. What protections do you have in place to recover that information?

While it is essential to take steps to protect your data from outside threats like hackers, malware, spyware, email phishing scams and more, you also have to consider the additional risks to your data that exist and develop systems to protect one of your organizations most valuable assets, information.

What threats should I consider?

If you’re an information officer for your organization, you’ve likely thought about how data is managed and organized, as well as what the backup processes for your files are to ensure that a copy of all your active, pertinent information exists, somewhere, but it’s worth considering where that is.

If all of your data and files are backed up to an on-site server and your office building floods, catches fire, or is in the path of a natural disaster like tornado or hurricane, the likelihood that your information will survive is low.

If all your data and files are backed up to an off-site cloud-based system, their servers and facilities still face the same threats, which is where a multi-faceted approach to preserving your data comes into play.

At the very least, you should backup your data internally, and to a cloud-based option, but many experts recommend a third layer of protection known as an air gap. An “air gap” means that a backup of your data exists offline and is not accessible by threats that may infiltrate your server systems. If you’re wondering where to start, remember 3-2-1-1: 3 Copies of your information, in 2 different formats, one to be located off-site and one offline.

Securing your Offline Backups

Once you have decided on the best format for your offline information backups, it’s worth considering what steps you can take to protect that information. Storage of items like backup tapes, server drives, and hard drives require specific conditions to ensure the integrity of the information and the devices is maintained. Additionally, you want to make sure that information is in a secure, restricted access location to ensure it never ends up in the wrong hands. Many businesses have IT areas that are somewhat climate controlled to regulate temperatures of spaces that house their internal servers and IT systems, which may seem like an optimal location to store an offline copy of your server files. However, offline backups stored at your facility still face the same external and environmental threats as your on-site server backups and will not protect your information in the event of floods, fires, or other natural disasters.

Vault Storage Services

Off-site, secure storage solutions offer the maximum protection for your valuable business information. At Augusta Data Storage, our secure, climate-controlled vault provides storage solutions for a variety of temperature and climate-sensitive devices and materials. Our on-site vault offers 24/7 climate control and hazard protection. The vacuum-sealed room is set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of 50% and is protected by a Halon 1301 suppression system, offering protection from a variety of threats. In addition, we monitor our facilities using security cameras and restrict access to storage areas to those employees with the required credentials.

Value-Added Services

In addition to offering a secure, climate-controlled solution for businesses in search of off-site media storage solutions, Augusta Data Storage also provides the following services to enhance our storage offering

Bar-Code Tracking
All items stored in our facilities are tagged and cataloged in our barcode tracking system. Barcode tracking allows us to identify the location of your media files for easy retrieval and inventory reporting while they are in our facility.

Easy Requesting & Scheduling
Clients can access their inventory log and request media delivery via our online software. This platform allows you to view, edit, or request critical data from our facility. Additionally, our team can process information requests via phone, fax or email.

Flexible Delivery
Your critical data is scheduled in regular delivery/pick up cycles. However, you never know when the need for the retrieval of critical data will come up, for this reason, we’re proud to offer 24/7 retrieval services, same day delivery options, or rush electronic delivery via encrypted email or fax, at your request.

For additional information on our secure vault services or to discuss ways your organization might benefit from our comprehensive records information management solutions, , contact Augusta Data Storage today!